Online energy assessment

PSE offers a quick and convenient 3-step process to help you understand and control your home’s energy usage.

  1. Start by completing an online assessment to determine how energy is used in your home. This should take about 5 to 7 minutes to complete.

  2. Next, review the relevant insights and suggested 省钱的方法 as a result of your online energy assessment.

  3. 最后, measure and monitor the impact of changes you make on your overall energy usage by reviewing 使用图表 within your myPSE account.


Annual Energy Usage

The largest cost is heating.
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This estimate is based on information you provided about your home.

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Note: The amounts shown here are usage charges only. They do not include taxes, basic charge or fees, so they may not match your total billed amounts each month.


If you don't currently have one, you can easily create an online account, even if you don't have your account number available.

PSE also offers a variety of rebates for energy efficient products and services.

If you are ready to move forward with improving the comfort and efficiency of your home, you can request a referral to a PSE Recommended Energy Professional (REP) to help you with your project.

In-home energy assessments

以前, PSE offered an in-person service where an assessor would physically come out to evaluate your home and suggest 省钱的方法 energy. PSE is unfortunately unable to deliver that service at a reasonable cost. 目前, there is no plan to restart the program, but PSE is considering how in-home services may be designed cost-effectively.


For personalized advice, contact an Energy Advisor or call 1-800-562-1482.