Greenhouse gas policy statement

Our commitment

As the local energy provider for more than a million customers across Washington State for nearly 150 years, we reflect the values of the customer and communities we serve. Chief among those are the love we have for the unique surroundings and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the commitment to protecting our environment for generations to come, and the concerns we have about the urgent impacts of climate change.

Our mission today is deep decarbonization and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. We were an early leader in addressing climate change, investing billions in renewable resources and energy efficiency for homes and businesses. Now, we are transforming our business to meet the current and future needs of our customers and to deliver on the objectives of Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act. Our objectives include:

  • Coal free by 2025
  • Carbon neutral electric system and company operations by 2030
  • 100% clean electricity by 2045

We are also committed to partnering with our customers. Climate change is an issue that is bigger than all of us, and requires a collective effort to solve. Together, with our customers, we are making a difference through voluntary programs that allow customers to move further, faster; more aggressive energy efficiency measures; and grid modernization. To learn more, visit


Measuring greenhouse gases (GHG)

PSE has been calculating and disclosing its GHG emissions since 2002. Early on, PSE selected the highest level of inventory and reporting protocols, developed by the World Resources Institute, to complete its carbon accounting. In 2010, PSE adopted the Environmental Protection Agency GHG reporting methodologies to align itself with the federal standards and to ensure consistency and accuracy in the carbon accounting process. PSE’s reporting to the Washington State Department of Ecology is in alignment with the Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting requirements at WAC 173-441.

PSE provides links to download our recent annual GHG Inventory Reports on our Sustainability webpage.