Information for emergency responders

PSE provides first responders the support they need to protect the public and themselves during electric and natural gas emergencies. These 资源 are available to firefighters, 警察, emergency medical technicians, 911 call centers, public works departments and emergency management agencies.

PSE instructor-led training opportunities

A great way for first responders and training officers to keep current on the latest response tactics and natural gas and electric safety practices.



Natural gas safety review video for emergency responders. 

视频 and other 资源 from Aegis Insurance Services for first responders covering basic electric safety and response tactics for emergency situations.

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Near-miss bulletins

One-page summaries of incidents where fire fighters and 警察 were nearly injured by natural gas or electricity—and how injuries can be avoided.


Online PSE emergency response training

视频, interactive graphics, simulations and textbook learning provide a broad representation of natural gas and electric operations and tactical response options.


PSE Energy System Restoration Plan

This 128-page PDF outlines Puget Sound Energy’s philosophy and guidelines for responding to emergencies.


National Pipeline Mapping System

A federal database of maps showing the general location of transmission pipelines.

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